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How authentic learning benefits learners

November 1, 2023

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NIVA Kindergarten students using their sense of touch to guess the object
Kindergarten students exploring the sense of touch and textures through a blindfolded game

What is Authentic Learning?

Authentic learning is about connecting what students learn in school to real life instead of just memorizing facts and information from books. For example, students may work on projects studying real problems in their communities, or do role play activities that simulate adulthood. Authentic learning activities are active and hands-on. They involve students working collaboratively, thinking critically, and developing solutions.

This helps students learn how to communicate, problem-solve, think independently and be creative in preparation for life after school. The goal is to engage students in relevant, meaningful experiences that empower them with skills for the real world, not just fill their heads with academic facts.

Research shows authentic learning benefits students by:

  • Making school more interesting and motivating
  • Helping students remember concepts better
  • Teaching transferable skills like critical thinking
  • Allowing kids to direct their own learning through exploration
  • Helping students prepare for real life challenges in their next stages of life

Examples of Authentic Learning

What does authentic learning look like day-to-day? Here are some examples:

  • Doing experiments in science class instead of worksheets
  • Creating projects like building models, films, or presentations
  • Going on field trips to places like farms, courts, or theaters
  • Solving real-world problems like improving recycling at school
  • Internships at local businesses to gain work experience
  • Roleplaying situations like mock trials or model UN meetings

This hands-on approach sticks with students longer than just memorizing facts!

Why NIVA Uses Authentic Learning

At NIVA American International School, authentic learning is woven into our curriculum from nursery to 12th grade where our teachers co-design projects driven by student interests and input.

We focus on the process - not just the final product, which means that mistakes become teachable moments and students direct their own explorations with teacher guidance.

Field trips, internships, collaborative projects, and more make NIVA an engaging place to learn. We prepare students for college and career success by making education fun and connected to the real world.

Learn More About NIVA's Approach

Does authentic learning align with your hopes for your child's education? Reach out to learn more about NIVA's student-centered approach. Or better yet, join us on a school tour.

Call us at 02-948-4605, 095-264-9445, or 084-992-2955, or email to take the next step in finding the right fit for your child. We can't wait to meet you!

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