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Ages 11 to 13 • skills-based learning

Middle School

Instill discipline, collaboration, and leadership in students through skill-based learning that prepares them for high school and beyond.

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A middle school student at NIVA building a wooden mini bridge as part of her science class

Skills-based learning

This approach emphasizes the development of practical skills that are useful the real world using a hands-on and project-based approach to learning

Practical application

Focused on teaching and learning practical skills that can be applied in real-life situations

Personalized learning

Allows students to tailor their learning experience based on their unique pace, needs and abilities

Improved collaboration

Involves group work, which helps students learn how to develop teamwork skills.

Improved academic performance

Develop a deeper understanding of the material and improve retention through practice and applying skills in a hands-on manner

Active learning

Project-based learning, collaborative learning, and hands-on activities. Students see the immediate impact of their efforts, making learning much more engaging

Holistic development

Encourages the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. This approach helps students become well-rounded individuals.

Preparation for the future

Prepares students for the challenges of high school, college, and beyond, by equipping them with skills and attitudes needed to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Middle School Subjects

NIVA's middle school curriculum is designed to prepare students for the challenges of high school through Pre-AP course offerings.


Develop strong communication skills for different settings and contexts, including interpersonal communication, public speaking, and digital communication

narrative writing

expository writing

argumentative writing


public speaking

literary analysis

literary devices & techniques

research & synthesis techniques

build discussion & debate skills

express themselves creatively

Geometry & Statistics

Foundational knowledge and skills needed for higher level math with practical applications for engineering, architecture, physics, etc.

geometric shapes

geometric formulas

right triangle


data sets & probability distributions




coordinate geometry

geometric constructions


apply math to real life situations

develop logical reasoning skills

develop a positive attitude towards maths

Algebra 1

Foundation for advanced math and science courses, develops critical thinking skills, and prepare students for college and career success

algebraic reasoning



coordinate geometry


linear equations

quadratic equations

factoring polynomials




apply math to real life situations

develop logical reasoning skills

develop a positive attitude towards maths

Integrated Science

A multidisciplinary field that combines concepts from various scientific discipline us to better understand the world around us

earth science

life science

physical science

scientific method

lab safety

hypothesis testing

interdisciplinary approach

systems thinking


develop scientific inquiry skills

scientific concepts in every day life

become stewards of the environment

Social Studies

understand the world, and become responsible and informed citizens





critical reading

public speaking

debate skills

global awareness

current events

human rights

political literacy

become responsible global thinkers

understand democracy and citizenship

drawing lessons from historical events


Preserve their cultural heritage, develop language fluency, promote national identity, and foster a sense of pride and belonging

Thai language skills

Thai culture

Thai history

Thai literature

Thai geography

communicate effectively in Thai

build confidence for language learning


Opens up opportunities for future opportunities with China in a globalized world

Chinese language proficiency

Chinese culture

Chinese economy

Chinese society

Chinese history

become global citizens

build confidence for language learning


Essential skills and knowledge to thrive in a digital world and pursue future careers in the technology industry

digital literacy

multimedia mastery



google suite

online collaboration

peer feedback

online etiquette

Internet safety

growth mindset with technology

ethical and social implications of technology

solve real world problems with technology


Develop creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication skills while promoting cultural awareness, and appreciation for the arts

Music theory

sight reading


ensemble playing

vocal techniques


instrumental technique

music appreciation

confidence to perform in front of others

collaborating with others in an ensemble


Develop creativity, confidence, communication skills, teamwork, and empathy. Explore different perspectives and cultures

stage presence


vocal production

physical expression

emotional regulation


public speaking

rehearsal techniques

audience engagement

learn to receive constructive feedback

explore different characters and emotions

have fun with rehearsals and performance

Visual Arts

Develop creative, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills while fostering self-expression and appreciation for different cultures and perspectives

observational drawing & painting

composition & visual storytelling

design principles

art history

analyzing & critiquing artwork

digital tools for creating art

develop a personal art style

experimentation and exploration

environmental sustainability


Promotes physical activity, healthy habits, teamwork, and social skills, which are essential for their physical and mental development






reaction time

spatial awareness

sports rules



communication skills

health education

appreciation for self-improvement

decision-making skills through sports

Life skills & values

Essential for personal growth, success at fulfillment in all areas of life. Develop skills and attitudes that will benefit students throughout their lives

personal hygiene and grooming, nutrition & eating habits, decision making, conflict resolution, self-awareness, accountability, goal-setting, time management and organization, empathy, ethics

develop work ethics and perseverance

foster a growth mindset

build self confidence and self-esteem

Extra-curricular Activities (ECA)

Learning doesn’t stop when the bell rings. Discover new talents and explore your interests through our diverse activity program. From fine arts to athletics, we have something for everyone.





Table Tennis


Art Club

Thai Music

Thai Dance

Chess Club


Film Studies

NIVA American International School is an outstanding educational institution

It provides students with an exceptional learning experience, personalized learning and extracurricular activities

Jeehye the only Korean girl | Senior Class of 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What curriculum does NIVA use?

NIVA uses an American curriculum based on the California common core standards.

What are the class sizes and student-to-teacher ratios? What is the average class size and how many students are there per class?

We typically have smaller class sizes and lower student-to-teacher ratios than Thai schools. Class sizes may range from 15 to 26 students, with student-to-teacher ratios ranging from 13:1 to 20:1.

What are the qualifications of the teachers and staff?

Teachers and staff at NIVA hold advanced degrees and have experience teaching in international or multicultural settings.

What facilities and resources are available for students, such as libraries, sports facilities, and technology?
Please check out pictures of our beautiful campus here. You can also book a school tour to come visit our campus with your family!
Do we have a program to help students who cannot speak English?

Yes, we do. Our English Language Learner (ELL) program is designed to lay foundations for student who don't speak English with the goal of getting them ready to join our mainstream program. This program is available to all students, including those coming from Thai schools and Chinese-speaking families.

What extracurricular activities (ECAs) does the school offer?
NIVA offers a wide range of extracurricular activities including sports, arts, music, drama, and community service. Click on the following links to see a sample of ECAs we offer for elementary school and secondary school. Please note that the ECAs listed here are examples of what we typically offer. This list may change according to student interest.
What is the school's policy on student safety and security?
NIVA has policies and procedures in place to ensure student safety and security, including protocols for emergency situations, visitor management, and student supervision. You can read more about our Child Protection Policy here.
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