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Ages 14 to 17 • mastery-based learning

High School

Develop the knowledge, skills, and personal qualities needed for success in college and careers amidst a constantly evolving world.

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Mastery-based learning

Master a specific set of skills or knowledge before moving on to more advanced material rather than just memorizing information to earn a grade

Higher levels of achievement

Research shows that mastery-based learning helps students achieve at higher levels

Personalized and flexible

Allows students to work at their own pace and focus on the areas where they need more support

Improved retention

By demonstrating mastery before moving on, students are more likely to retain what they learn

Self-regulated learning

Students develop greater self-awareness and accountability as they are responsible for their own progress and are able to monitor their own learning

Increased engagement

With an emphasis on teamwork and collaboration, students are more engaged in classes and are able to see both their own and their peers’ progress in real-time

Deeper understanding of subject matter

Rather than just earning passing grades students gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter and are able to apply this knowledge in real-world situations.

Preparation for college and career

Prepare for college and career success by emphasizing skills such as self-directed learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

High School Required Subjects

NIVA's high school curriculum prepares students to receive an internationally recognized high school diploma, preparing them both for college and the modern world.


Develop critical thinking skills, including analyzing information, evaluating arguments, and making informed judgments. Essential for success in college and beyond

creative writing

persuasive writing

narrative writing

argumentative essays


literary device & techniques

research & analysis techniques

learn to be self-reflective

learn to be resilient problem-solvers

World Geography

Understand the physical features of the Earth and its atmosphere as well as human activities that take place on the planet

physical & human geography,

natural hazards

environmental geography

culture & religion


geopolitical relations


develop respect for diversity

develop a sense of global citizenship

World History

Understand the interconnectedness of regions and people around the globe

ancient civilizations

renaissance & enlightenment

age of exploration & colonization

industrial & scientific revolution

world wars & cold war

globalization & the information age

cause & effect in complex events

recognize historical patterns & themes

view events from multiple perspectives


Develop logical and spatial reasoning skills, enhance problem-solving abilities, and prepare for higher-level math and STEM courses

triangles & pythagorean theorem



3D shapes

angle properties

reflection symmetry

Euclidean geometry

analytical geometry



differential geometry

apply math to real-life situations

engage in trial & error to solve problems

Algebra 2

Essential problem-solving skills and prepares them for higher level math courses and real-world applications

probability & statistics

polynomial equations

conic sections

trigonometric functions


logarithmic functions


sequences & series

complex numbers

rational function

apply math to real-life situations

develop logical reasoning skills


Develop advanced math skills covering a range of topics in algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. Preparation for calculus, and STEM fields

complex numbers

parametric questions

trigonometric identities & equations

systems of equations & inqualities

exponential growth & decay

matrices & determinants

exponential & logarithmic functions

limits & continuity

develop persistence in problem-solving

learn to approach complex problems creatively

build confidence when tackling challenges


Develop logical and spatial reasoning skills, enhance problem-solving abilities, and prepare for higher-level math and STEM courses

triangles & pythagorean theorem



3D shapes

angle properties

reflection symmetry

Euclidean geometry

Analytical Geometry



Differential Geometry

apply math to real-life situations

engage in trial & error to solve problems


Foundation to STEM fields. Explores the fundamental laws of nature and the behavior of matter and energy

energy & work



wave & optics

gravity & orbits

torque & rotational motion

electromagnetism principles

atomic & nuclear physics






quantum mechanics

ability to revise thinking based on evidence

resilience in tackling challenging problems


The study of matter and its properties as well as the interactions between different types of matter

periodic table

atomic structure


acids & bases


laboratory skills

chemical equations

chemical reactions

properties & behavior of matter


states of matter

ability to understand complex concepts

respect safety protocols & procedures

Desktop Publishing

Learn digital design principles, techniques and software essential to creating a publishing, professional quality documents

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

design principles


color systems

image manipulation & editing

copyright & ethics

solve real-world designs problems

resilience in tackling challenging problems

AI & Data Science

Foundation in AI concepts, programming skills, and ethical considerations. Learn modern day programming languages, machine learning, and automation



vertex ai workbench ai

machine learning

predictive capabilities

mundane task automation

AI in society


natural language processing

build intelligent applications with ML

add machine or deep learning to software


Promotes physical activity, healthy habits, teamwork, and social skills, which are essential for their physical and mental development






reaction time

spatial awareness

sports rules



communication skills

health education

appreciation for self-improvement

decision-making skills through sports

Business Studies

Essential skills and knowledge to succeed in the business world, including financial literacy, entrepreneurship & critical thinking




financial literacy

business ethics

business planning

market research

sales techniques

positive attitude towards challenges

develop career readiness skills

Modern Marketing

Practical skills for advertising, market research, & contact creation. Develop awareness of market trends, explore new ideas & developments

advertising principles

market research

customer segmentation

product positioning


consumer behavior

market trends

social media marketing

develop an entrepreneurial mindset

generate innovative solutions to challenges


Prepare for leadership roles in the future. Identify personal strengths, develop interpersonal skills, articulate ideas & cultivate effective communication


emotional intelligence

interpersonal skills



conflict resolution


planning & goal-setting

ethical leadership

organizational skills

charity funds

career knowledge

develop gratitude & appreciation for others

humility & willingness to learn from others

openness to feedback & constructive criticism


Preserve their cultural heritage, develop language fluency, promote national identity, and foster a sense of pride and belonging

Thai language skills

Thai culture

Thai history

Thai literature

Thai geography

communicate effectively in Thai

build confidence for language learning

Supportive and effective classes

NIVA provides so many opportunities for students to attain subjects and requirements for well-known universities in Thailand and overseas.

@lxy_Tarn | Senior Class of 2023

High School Electives

Whether your child is planning to pursue business, medical, or any other field, our high school program provides the essential building blocks for success.

Anatomy & Physiology

Fundamental understanding of the human body, essential for pursuing careers in healthcare

human body patterns

cell structure

tissue types

medical terminology

disease prevention

organ function

nutrition & digestion

learn to prioritize health & well-being

knowledge about how the body works

Public Speaking

Develop confidence, articulate thoughts clearly, enhance critical thinking, persuade, negotiate, & adapt to different scenarios

eye contact

gestures & postures

vocal variety

audience analysis


persuasive language


dealing with nerves

engaging the audience

openness to feedback & constructive criticism

adapt to different scenarios & audiences


Learn to think critically about economic issues and understand the impact of economic policies on individuals and society as a whole

demand & supply


opportunity costs

market structures

fiscal policies

monetary policies

international trade


comparative advantage


economic systems

develop an eye for details

learn to persevere through difficult tasks


Build a solid foundation in the principles and practices of financial accounting, useful in a wide range of careers in the business and finance industries


financial analysis

financial statements

cash flow

budgeting & forecasting


ethics & professionalism

business law

develop an eye for details

appreciate consequences of mistakes


Learn data manipulation, algorithm generation, and many other skills with a versatile and increasingly popular programming language


data types


conditional statements


file i/o techniques


data manipulation techniques

object-oriented programming

persist through failure & learn from mistakes

solve real-world problems with technology

Web Design & Web Programming

Learn to create engaging, dynamic & interactive websites to meet the needs of modern users




programming fundamentals

responsive web

frontend frameworks

web development tools

ui/ux principles

git version control

solve real-world problems with technology

learn to write efficient & clean code

AP Courses

Take charge of your education and pave your way to university and beyond. Get a head start in any field from business to medicine to engineering.

AP Biology AP Physics AP Chemistry AP Environmental Science AP Statistics AP Calculus AB/BC AP Computer Science Principles AP Computer Science A AP Human Geography AP World History AP Psychology AP Microeconomics AP Comparative Government & Politics AP Capstone Research (1) AP Capstone Seminar (2)

Extra-curricular Activities (ECA)

Learning doesn’t stop when the bell rings. Discover new talents and explore your interests through our diverse activity program. From fine arts to athletics, we have something for everyone.





Table Tenis


Art Club

Thai Music

Thai Dance

Chess Club


Film Studies

NIVA American International School is an outstanding educational institution

It provides students with an exceptional learning experience, personalized learning and extracurricular activities

Jeehye the only Korean girl | Senior Class of 2023

Beyond Graduation

Our recent graduates, the class of 2022, went on to study in the following fields

Medical Fields


Business Fields


Computer Science


Engineering Fields


Communication Fields


Other Fields


Our alumni are working today as:

We take pride in the successes of our alumni. Our alumni are working in a wide variety of industries and making an impact in their respective fields.











Software Developers

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What AP courses does NIVA offer?
Please click here to see AP courses we offer. Please keep in mind that each class must have met the required minimum number of students registered it to take place.
How does the AP program benefit the students when they go to university?
  • The Advanced Placement (AP) program can benefit students when they go to university by providing them with college-level coursework in high school, which can help prepare them for the rigor and expectations of university-level courses.
  • Students who take AP courses may be eligible to receive college credit, advanced placement, or both, which can help reduce the cost of college tuition and allow students to graduate earlier.
  • Additionally, having AP courses on a student's transcript can demonstrate to universities that they are willing to challenge themselves academically and may improve their chances of being accepted into competitive programs.
Do students receive a diploma for AP?
There are two types of AP diploma:
  1. AP Capstone Diploma: The requirements for receiving this diploma is as follows: AP Capstone 1 (Seminar), AP Capstone 2 (Research), four other AP exam scores (all scores have to be at least 3 out of 5).
  2. AP International Diploma (APID): A globally recognized certificate awarded to students who display exceptional achievement across a variety of disciplines. Five AP exams with scores of 3 or above is required (different subjects have different requirements).
How does the school help students with scholarships abroad?
Our guidance counselor works tirelessly to help our grade 11 and 12 students apply for scholarships abroad. We help students prepare and send their applications, guide them with the student interview questions, and assist with all the documents needed for their choice universities.
What happens when a student changes from IB curriculum (or others) to an American Curriculum?
When a student transfers to NIVA, our guidance counselor and registrar will assess and determine subjects that can be matched and transfered to our system. We will then guide the student through the process of developing a plan to acquire the remaining necessary credits and classes for graduation.
Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ASC/WASC) LogoNIVA is fully accredited by WASC.The Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (ONESQA) LogoNIVA has full ONESCA accreditation status.MOE LogoOPEC LogoInternational Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT) LogoNIVA is a member of ISAT.